Ocean & Earth Mens Double Black Back Zip Steamer 3-2mm


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Ocean & Earth Mens Double Black Back Zip Steamer 3-2mm. Super stretch 360 neoprene with GBS & plush panels. Check out Wetsuits Online NOW!


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Ocean & Earth Mens Double Black Back Zip Steamer 3-2mm

The Ocean & Earth Mens Double Black Back Zip Steamer 3-2mm is a great suit at a great price. Ocean & Earth are known for some of the best surf accessories, though not necessarily wetsuits. To make an impact on the market their offering their wetsuit range with extra high end features at an entry price. The focus of the suit is on the big three features: flexibility, warmth and performance. Advanced flexibility is achieved by using their special 360 ultra stretch neoprene. As the name suggests this material stretches in all dimensions. So whether your paddling, crouching for the tube or explosively extending into a move the suit will flex with you.

To keep you warm the seams are GBS, Glued and Blind Stitched so water doesn’t flush in and out. In this way your body heat rapidly heats and keeps warm the thin water layer that makes your wetsuit work. Plush internal panels further enhance your body heat. So your torso and vital organs are additionally protected from the cold. Spot taping reinforces key stress areas of the suit so greatly increasing durability. The 360 neoprene is also a bit thicker, without being heavier so you get a great barrier against the elements.

This suit features a back zip, considered the easiest of all suits for entry and exit. Unlike the zip-free and front zip suits, you get a single easy slide zip down the centre of your back. Sealed with velcro at the neck, with one easy pull your suit is sealed or opened. The back zip entry is super large so you can step into and out of it when you’re numb. The suit is ultra black and looks great. Check our full wetsuit range at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm


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