ION Amp Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm


ION AMP Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm LS. ION quality, chest zip, super flex, warmth, GBS sealed & taped seams. Check out our range of Wetsuits Online NOW!

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ION AMP Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm LS

The ION AMP Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm LS long sleeve is a performance suit. This Onyx Semidry AMP Chest Zip incorporates top of the line features. ION’s quality 3-2mm neoprene is noticeably better so you get flexibility, comfort and durability. The Ninja_Spine and Ninja_Knee provide special treatment of the back and knee panels so you get great fit in these key areas. The legs feature a single seam that enhances freedom. Hot_Stuff lining is a plush lining on the inner chest and back panels giving you get extra warmth. Maki_Tape, with GBS Glued Blind Stitching on inner seams, greatly reduces water entry.

ION’s neoprene is high quality and you get great flexibility, comfort and durability. Seal_Tite is the application of a silicon strip that helps reduce water entry at the neck, wrists and ankles when paddling out through waves. Glide_Skin enhances comfort at your neck with a smooth-finished rubber at the collar that minimises rashing. There’s moulded knee panels so you get extra-quick knee extension without bulk. L-Tex, an abrasive resistant layer is lightweight and thin so you get knee protection without affecting performance. The ION Onyx Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm LS long sleeve Semidry AMP Zipless gives you maximum surfing performance in comfort. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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