MadDog Mens Stretch Steamer Wetsuit


The MadDog Mens Stretch Steamer gives you super stretch neoprene for performance paddling and swimming. Minimal seams give great fit and comfort. Back zip makes for easiest entry & exit

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MadDog Mens Stretch Wetsuit

The MadDog Mens Stretch Wetsuit gives you great surfing and beach time at great value compared to other wetsuits. This is a steamer wetsuit with long arms and legs. Construction is of super stretch neoprene. There’s 2mm neoprene used in the arms. So you get great arm movement for your paddling, swimming and activity. You also get great fit and the 3mm neoprene in the body gives good warmth and protection from the elements. A special design has been used for the cut of the MadDog Mens Stretch Steamer. So there’s minimal seams giving greater flex for high performance surfing. Less seams also means less chance of stitching coming apart giving you durability. The few seams in the MadDog Mens Stretch Wetsuit use flatlock stitching. This sits flat so greatly reduces the likelihood of chafing and gives you comfort.

Using a back zip the MadDog Mens Stretch Steamer gives you the easiest entry and exit. The back zip is heavy duty so will give you long trouble free use from season to season. You just pull it down and the suit opens up for you to easily step in. Pull it up and you’re fully sealed and warm. This is a great suit giving super stretch and flexibility for your surfing, at great value. This steamer wetsuit is also versatile and is great for use with your swimming, SUPing, snorkeling and most water sports. Check our full range of Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 20 cm


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