C-SKINS Wired Mens Wetsuit Steamer 2-2mm Chest Zip


The C-SKINS Wired Mens Wetsuit Steamer 2-2mm gives you advanced thermal & hydrophobic performance surfing. Advanced tech layers reflect cold away and warmth in. Check out Wetsuits NOW!

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C-SKINS Wired Mens Wetsuit Steamer 2-2mm Chest Zip

The C-SKINS Wired Mens Wetsuit Steamer 2-2mm Chest Zip gives you high performance surfing with warmth. You get the lightweight and flexibility advantage of 2mm neoprene with the warmth advantage of high tech materials. The outer is C-Skins’ H2X DryFlex. This material reduces taking on water that in turn reduces windchill and weight. This is a super advanced feature that directly impacts your performance. Beneath this outer neoprene there are thermal reflective and water expelling layers. The thermal layers reflect cold away from the outside of your suit. The inner layer reflects your body heat back in. The torso panel has a quick-dry plush lining that captures your body heat. This lining is super comfy and warms up as soon as you put your suit on, even if it’s still a little wet.

Advanced Tech

The C-SKINS Wired Mens Wetsuit Steamer 2-2mm also features FutureFit, a biometric sizing exclusive to C-Skin. This gives the suit great fit and flexibility with minimal seams. Great fit is a key feature for keeping you warm, so there’s no sagging areas taking on water. The chest zip entry gives the suit great performance with good sealing without restriction to your paddling. Under the entry around the neck is C-Skins’ Iris Closure that provides a barrier against water from duck dives and wipeouts. The neck closure is comfy, not constrictive, while stopping water that normally sloshes in your suit. The whole of the suit is Airfoam so it’s light, the lightest premium foam available. It’s entirely Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene, so you get great paddling. The external seams are liquid tape sealed giving exceptional water entry prevention. Internal seams are GBS glued blind sealed so water entry is further greatly reduced. Duro Flex knees and an internal key pocket finish this highest performance suit. To find out more on how C-Skins Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: C-Skins Wetsuits Warmth & Performance



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