Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard 37″


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Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard 37″. Mix up your surfing with 5 ply fun. Quality construction and design. Check our Surfboards & Accessories Online NOW!



Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard 37″

The Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard 37″ is super fun and is a board that should be added to your quiver. Skimboards are used to catch waves right on the shore. Running from the sand you throw the board down and  jump on blasting into the shorebreak or sliding on the still water. The Mad Dog Wedge is a beauty packed with performance features. It’s tucked in nose is designed so as to not catch- of critical importance when launching. The tail has a bulb shape so your weight is distributed. Fine rails on the underside are rolled so they don’t catch. The board has rocker, a gradual rise at the front and flip in the tail, so you get speed for tricks and spins while also helping prevent stacks.

The quality 5 ply wood construction uses hardwoods with waterproof glue so you get durability. The ply is also specially selected so you get the right balance between stiffness and flex. The Mad Dog Wedge is a great board to mix up your surfing!

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 15 cm


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