Mad Dog Wedge Skim Board 41″


Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard 41″ gives you great fun at the beach taking on waves as they wash up on the sand. 5ply construction gives you durable long term use

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Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard 41″

The Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard 41″ gives you super fun at the beach. Skimboards are used in the shallows, right where the sand meets the water. So the boards don’t have any foam or thickness to them as they’re not designed to be paddled like a normal surfboard. The way they work is that you run close to where the waves wash up on the sand then throw the board down when there’s a thin layer of water washed up. As the Skimboard is in motion you run and jump on. The board’s surface area and your speed keep you from sinking. The Mad Dog Skimboards glide at high speed on the thinnest amount of water. As you become proficient you can skim from the shore out to the shore break and do big surfing turns on the incoming waves using your skim speed.

Performance Design

The Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard is a fat teardrop design perfect for skimming. The nose is tucked in so as to not catch when you throw your board down on the sand. The tail is full and rounded. This distributes your weight over the board giving more speed. The rounded edge is also much less likely to catch and wipe you out. The underside of the Skimboard has rolled rail edges. This keeps you skimming smoothly also not catching. The board has rocker, a gradual rise at the front and flip in the tail, so you get speed for tricks and spins while also helping prevent stacks.

The board has a traditional wood construction rather than being a fiberglass Skimboard or having a soft core like a foam Skimboard. The quality 5 ply consists of laminated hardwoods with waterproof glue so you get great strength and durability. The ply is specially manufactured giving you the right balance between stiffness and flex. This is a great Australian Skimboard way to take on alternate close-to-shore waves. The Mad Dog Wedge Skimboard will mix up your surfing and give you great beach fun. Check our full range of Mad Dog Skimboards at Manly Surfboards>Skimboards

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Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 105 × 52 × 15 cm


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