Let’s Party Front Pads


The Let’s Party Front Pads give you 5 pieces of great traction. The side pieces are soft and squishy so your toes can really grip into them. The center piece is a large arch bar & is raised and heavily textured. So that no matter where you place your feet you’ll have the traction to do big moves

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Let’s Party Front Pads

The Let’s Party Front Pads give you great traction on your skimboard. What sets them apart from your surfboard grip is the extra large arch bar. The bar is extra high. As you don’t paddle on your skimboard, so you don’t lie on it, the central arch piece is optimised to give you grip. Wherever you place your front foot you’ll get substantial ridges giving you traction you can get grip and drive from. The front pad is 5 pieces. So you get the ability to place the pieces close together or farther apart. So it will work across the range of skimboard sizes. The 4 side pieces have a slightly raised ridge. The pattern runs top to bottom. So as your front foot is angled on the board your foot is going with the ridges. The pad material is also slightly soft. So you get a great squishy grippy feel so that your front foot can grip down into. As explained above the middle piece of the Let’s Party Front Pads is not like the others. The whole piece is like a raised arch bar. It has a traditional pattern of raised triangles. These have a height of twice that of the other pieces and will give a lot of traction with pronounced angled edges and ridges no matter which way your foot lands. The Let’s Party Front Pads have a great colour and are ready to apply to your board with quality adhesive backing. Check our full range of Skimboards and Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Skimboards

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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