Ryder Skimboard Series


The Ryder Skimboard Series gives you a classic teardrop template with 7 layer flex & durability. Ply core gives power flex and big moves.

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Ryder Skimboard Series

The Ryder Skimboard Series gives you great value fun boarding. Constructed of 7 layers of ply timber it’s the old school trad way of skimboarding. So you get maximum durability, flex and fun with power moves.

Each layer of the 7 core ply acts like a spring. So the board builds up the flex then releases it in power boosts. It does this in a smooth power curve giving you projection and drive. This is different than composite designs where you get an instant sometimes erratic pop.

The outer of the board is fully sealed against water and the elements. The smooth polished bottom acts like a high speed slick. The board weight gives you momentum. So this board will get you into waves faster and when you setup your move it will be big.

The 41″ template is designed to suit a wide range of conditions. You get tear drop outline with narrow nose so it’s more forgiving. Less chance of catching. There’s slight nose and tail flip so you get high speed and looseness, an all purpose rocker. This makes the board ideal for Beginner to Intermediate riders.

The deck features a cazy design so you can apply your own grip or wax for maximum traction. Check our full range of Skim Boards at Manly Surfboards>Skim Boards


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