Exile EX1 Fibreglass Skim Board


The Exile EX1 Fibreglass Skim Board gives you epoxy construction with a foam core and tapered blank. So you get ultra high performance with light weight and responsiveness. Great for Beginners & Progressives to push into advanced moves and fun

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Exile EX1 Fibreglass Skim Board

The Exile EX1 Fibreglass Skim Board gives you super fun performance in an innovative tech design. Unlike traditional Skimboards made of wood, the EX1 has a foam core and is glassed like a surfboard. So your board is super light and strong. Epoxy construction, used in the highest performance surfboards, means you get great strength and light weight. When you throw your board down it almost hovers on the water waiting for you to jump on and charge.  This high tech construction gives you a great benefit in enhanced flex too. You can use your weight and pressure to flip the nose up for greater control than on any other type of Skimboard. The Exile Skimboards Australia EX1 shape gives you great all round performance. It’s not as long as most skimboards and is wider in the nose. This gives stability making it easier to ride so great for Beginners and those wanting to push into advanced moves. The foam core features tapering. This means the centre of your board is 3/4″ thick reducing to 5/8″ at the nose and tail. This gives strength and super responsiveness.

How Exile EX Works

If you’re not sure of how skimboarding and the EX1 work, here’s a quick overview. Skimboards are normally used to catch waves right on the shore, although they have been used on monster outside waves too. They’re not designed to paddle and so are tiny compared to a normal surfboard. The way they work is that you run on the beach right where the water meets the sand. As a wave washes up and starts to recede you throw your board down when there’s a thin layer of water and jump on. The board’s surface area and your speed keep you from sinking. The board glides at high speed on the thin layer of water where you’d think it impossible to surf. As you become proficient you can skim from the shore out into the surf and do big surfing turns in shorebreak waves using your skim speed. Skimboarding is a heap of fun. Check our full range of Exile Skimboards Australia at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 15 cm


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