FK Standard Coil Bodyboard Leash


FK Standard Coil Bodyboard Cord. 7mm neoprene with superior strength and memory. Comfy wrist strap. Check our range of Bodyboards & Accessories NOW!

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FK Standard Coil Bodyboard Leash

The FK Standard Coil Bodyboard Leash is a good all-around leash. It features a 7mm diameter cord of superior quality urethane so it’s strong and has a great memory. This means that the coil returns to its original shape even after heavy wipeouts. The cord won’t sag or extend which can lead to your leash getting in your way when paddling. The wrist cuff is padded with quality neoprene so it’s comfy. Included is a plug for your bodyboard so you have everything you need to hit the water.

The FK Standard Coil Bodyboard Leash is a good all-around wrist leash. Some riders like the bicep leash but the leash can drop down or be abrasive against the side of your torso. The wrist leash stays in place. There’s a quick-release tab. So it’s easy to get off as needed. Some bodyboarders don’t use a leash. This gives a real feeling of freedom. When paddling there’s no cord at all to obstruct your arm movement or to splash around with each stroke. However, if you’re trying to progress your surfing you’re going to be going for late takeoffs, going for big moves, trying high-risk waves. So having a leash will help you get more waves as you won’t lose your board and you’ll spend more time surfing and less time swimming

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