FCS Connect Screw & Plate Longboard Fin


The FCS Connect Screw & Plate Long Board Fin gives you a great foil with a thicker base. So you have a stable connected feeling on the wave. Fibreglass flex & fin depth give you good hold aiding on the face moves

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FCS Connect Screw & Plate Longboard Fin

The FCS Connect Screw & Plate Longboard Fin is a great classic fin shape balancing drive and responsiveness. It comes with a standard screw and plate and fits in traditional longboard rear fin boxes. A tool is used to screw the fin in place. So it’s not like the other FCS tool-less longboard fins.

The design has a has a slightly smaller base that retains thickness. Without the extra base length you can change direction easily, positioning yourself where you want on the wave. The extra thickness gives you a smooth flowing foil. So you get a stable feeling as though you’re part of the wave.

The fin is quite deep so you get great hold. If you’re banking off the bottom, or trimming up in the lip, you won’t find yourself skating or sliding out. The upper part of the fin narrows. So you still get flex and responsiveness allowing carving turns on the wave face, without catching.

Construction is solid, of fibreglass, with generous thickness and foil giving you a distinctive set of surfing characteristics.  The screw fitting is long wearing so the fin is durable. Check our full range of Longboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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