Stealth Bomber EPS Bodyboard


Stealth Bomber EPS 45inch Bodyboard. Extra thick EPS core with great flotation for bigger surfer. Check our range of Bodyboards & Accessories Online NOW!

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Stealth Bomber EPS Bodyboard

The Stealth Bomber EPS Bodyboard is an extra buoyant board for the larger sized surfer. It features a thick cut EPS core and 45 inch length. So you get extra float along with great feel. To maintain the integrity of the core there’s two S5 carbon stringers.

The stringers help the board maintain its flatness. This is vital when drawing your line so you can project the board where you want to go. You get great recoil too. So as you move into and out of a turn the stringer helps the board return almost instantly to its original fast flat bottom curve so you can setup for your next move.

The LD slick has bottom channels graduated from nose to tail. So you get good water flow and extra release in the tail. The crescent tail gives stability so you can setup for the big moves. 50/50 double rails provide speed and manoeuvrability.

The Stealth Blaster’s deck is IXPLE, a dense durable highly hydrophobic foam so it won’t dent easily. The fuse-mouding manufacturing process is high quality. So each board is produced true to its original design. Nose and tail bumpers finish off the board so you get protection and extra durability. The included leash and plug mean you have everything you need. To find out more on Stealth check here: Stealth Bodyboards


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