Stealth Raptor EPS Bodyboard


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Stealth Raptor EPS Bodyboard

The Stealth Raptor EPS Bodyboard is a great beginners board packed with features. Its outline shape and crescent tail is the same as on the Pro boards so it surfs well. The crescent tail provides a break point on the rail so you get good turning along with quick release. You can carve on the waves as well as pivot easily into turns so it’s lots of fun. 50/50 Double Rails are included and these assist responsiveness when leaning into the wave face for changing direction. Graduated channels on the bottom help provide speed as they direct water flow, and give bite, so on steep wave faces you don’t just slide out.

Constructed with a light weight waterproof EPS core, you get good float, easy paddling and wave catching. The Raptor has nose and tail bumpers giving you great hold and durability. Going through a fuse-moulding process ensures every Raptor is produced true to the integrity of the original shape. The bottom features a high-speed slick with a fancy Stealth graphic. The Stealth Raptor EPS Body Board incorporates many pro features, comes complete with a leash and plug, and is a great value package. Check our full range of Bodyboards at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards



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