Resort Tilt Deluxe Beach Umbrella


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The Resort Tilt Deluxe Umbrella gives 2m of UPF 50+ rated sun protection with quick fold. Robust and tough teeth in the tilt adjustment dial allow positioning towards various sun angles.


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Resort Tilt Deluxe Beach Umbrella

The Resort Tilt Deluxe Beach Umbrella is a great accessory to have for the beach. It is a classic beach umbrella with a long adjustable stand and top that opens up to provide great shade. Not only is this umbrella functional, providing a UPF 50+ sun protection with its heavy duty material coating, it is also very stylish. The top opens to a 2 meters giving a lot of coverage for shade and sun protection. Along with the adjustable height, where you can have the umbrella low or high, you can also tilt it. There are preset tilt positions supported with a large tough toothed adjustment dial. This is super handy as when the sun moves you can increment the umbrella’s tilt position to always provide shade.

The Resort Tilt Deluxe Umbrella can also be used to protect from rain to provide a level of protection. This makes it versatile beyond beach use for picnics and other outings. It gives you both sun and rain protection. The umbrella has a quick release button so it will fold instantly. When not in use it is compact and stored easily. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories



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