Ocean Soul Surfboard Malibu


The Ocean Soul Surfboard Mal gives you fun easy surfing, great to start & progress your surfing. A full shape gives easy paddling and wave catching so you’ll get lots of rides. The narrow tail helps do big moves. A 3 fin system can take Pro fins as you progress


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Ocean Soul Surfboard Mal

The Ocean Soul Surfboard Mal gives you a great fun way to start and progress your surfing. The design has all the features to get you catching waves, doing turns and moves, quickly. It also makes surfing easy. It’s a board that is easy to paddle, easy to pop to your feet, and forgiving when you try your moves. You can push the board into fast and critical turns to rapidly progress your surfing. Or you can cruise down the line having fun. The Ocean Soul shape has a full nose that carries through to the middle of your board. This gives you great paddling to get out the back and catch waves. Once on the wave you’ll have the stability to make long rides. The tail narrows. So as you step and put your weight back the board will engage with the wave helping you do big moves.

The Ocean Soul Surfboard Mal is constructed of PU foam. This is the traditional foam used in surfboards so you get a classic feel. The PU sits more in the water than on it, so you don’t bounce around. Instead you’ll feel your board gliding across sections, helping you setup bottom and top turns. A 3 fin setup is included. So you can use Beginner soft fins that give you safety and build confidence. As you progress you can swap these out for Pro fins giving you a whole next level of performance. There’s a great range of styles, colours and sizes that will fit your surfing. This is a great board for Beginners through to Progressing surfers. Check our full range of Mini-Mal Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Mini-Mal Surfboards


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