Ocean & Earth Timber Display Rack


The Ocean & Earth Timber Rack is a great natural way to safely display your board. The light timber has a versatile look to fit in modern and functional interiors

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Ocean & Earth Timber Display Rack

The Ocean & Earth Timber Display Rack is a great way to put your board on display. It consists of two wood pieces that have been crafted with arching soft curves and rounded corners.  So it has a modern yet timeless look. The shape allows your board to be easily inserted as the front of the rack angles away from the wall. Your board will be titled facing outwards and slightly downwards. The cutaway looks best suited to narrower rail boards. The Ocean & Earth Timber Rack pieces have discrete foam padding. So your board will be protected from any bumps when being placed in the rack and once inserted kept snug without movement.

Versatile Position Settings

The Ocean & Earth Timber Display Rack wood has a natural light colouring. So the timber finish markings are highlighted. It will fit in both modern and traditional interiors or be great for use in functional areas like your garage. So it’s truly versatile. For internal use only, the rack mounting points are located in the support pieces making for fast and easy setup. This rack is a great idea as it stores your board safely keeping it up and out of the way free of the chance of a fall or knock. It also provides a great way to display your board.

The dimensions of the Ocean & Earth Timber Rack pieces are H 335mm X D 190mm X W 35mm. The two pieces can be placed as far apart as needed to support the length of your board. So make sure the wall you’re mounting it on will take the weight of your board. Use appropriate mounting screws and bolts so that once up your rack will stay put. Check our full range of Surfboard Racks at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Racks

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