Ocean & Earth Diamond Flex Longboard Knee Leash


The Ocean & Earth Diamond Flex Long Board Knee Leash gives you a 7mm quality cord, dual swivels & extra strong cuff connection. Check our Leashes Online NOW!

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Ocean & Earth Diamond Flex Longboard Knee Leash

The Ocean & Earth Diamond Flex Longboard Knee Leash gives you great longboard surfing with longboard specific features. This leash features the knee attachment instead of the traditional ankle cuff. The knee cuff is preferred by a lot of longboarders citing less clutter. The knee attachment keeps the cord up out of direct contact with your foot and so aids your movement up and down the board. Very handy if you’re going to the nose to hang toes or stepping back for a drop knee cuttie. It’s also got a moulded horn that additionally keeps the leash protruding away from your feet. The extra long rail saver specifically aids longboards as the longboard deck plugs tend to be  located farther from the tail than on shortboards. So it covers this extra distance.

To maximise strength the cuff to cord connection uses a diamond-flex pattern. This pattern distributes the pull to greatly reduce strain in this area. Its 7mm diameter cord is ideal for your longer board. It’s got the strength of O&E’s premium urethane along with the right amount of recoil. It won’t return your board too fast nor leave it stuck in the impact zone. Dual swivels keep the cord turning and moving freely so it and doesn’t snake or twist up. This is an important feature. It helps prevent the cord from snagging around your fins so your board doesn’t slow down or catch. The extra thick and vertically moulded neoprene padding on the ankle cuff gives you a super comfortable fit. So if there’s a solid yank on your leg you’ll notice this extra padding providing cushioning and the vertical moulding helps stop the cuff slipping around.

Ocean & Earth recommend this leash for waves up to 4′ in size. The Ocean & Earth Diamond Flex Longboard Knee Leash is constructed from quality components and comes with a 12 month warranty. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing


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