Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Longboard Moulded Leash


The Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Longboard Leg Rope gives you 10ft length so it’s super easy to walk your board. The cord is a super strong 8mm diameter so it will cope with solid waves. Double stainless steel swivels prevent tangling

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Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Longboard Moulded Leash

The Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Longboard Moulded Leash gives you performance and safety for your bigger board. It’s a great leash and surf accessory that can be used with your longboard and SUP. The leash is 10ft long. So it has the length you need to keep your board well away from you in a wipeout. This is important as with a big board or SUP you do not want it anywhere near you in the impact zone where the wave power can give you a big bang. The length is also great as it gives you freedom of movement. So you can move around on your board. You can step to the tail or nose positioning yourself wherever you need to be. Whether for a power bottom turn or hang off the nose.

Stand-Off Horn

The O & E  Regular SUP Longboard Leash has a moulded stand-off horn coming out of the cuff. This is a great feature as it projects the leash away from your feet. So while your walking your board your chance of a tangle or mis-step with your 10ft cord is greatly reduced. This in turns adds to your performance surfing. The Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Longboard Leash features double stainless steel swivels so your leash is kept untangled. This is an important feature as if the leash kinks up it can get caught under your fins slowing you down, or can trip you up. The cord is a thick durable 8mm diameter to handle all the extra weight of your board. Ocean & Earth advise the leg rope is designed for surf waves on your SUP to 5ft and longboard waves to 8ft.

The Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Longboard Moulded Leash ankle strap is 50mm in size with generous padding for comfort so spreads and cushions the pull of the wave. It comes with a 12 month surf accessory warranty. This is a great leash to use across a range of conditions. In small waves the cord will stay out of your way so you can surf hard. As the waves get bigger you’ve got the length and cord thickness so you can cope with the increasing wave power. Check our full range of leashes at Manly Surfboards>Leg Ropes

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm


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