Ocean & Earth Legrope String Comb & Key Combination


The Ocean & Earth Legrope String Comb & Key Combo gives you all your surf essentials in one place. Brightly coloured it’s easy to put your hand on and even includes a Plug Buddy for quick install

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Ocean & Earth Legrope String Comb & Key Combination

The Ocean & Earth Legrope String Comb & Key Combination is a super handy accessory. In one place you get several key items essential to your surfing – your leash string, wax comb, fin key and plug buddy. These are the things that you loose, break, or forget that you can’t surf without.

Ocean Earth has put these accessories all together in a clever combination. You can easily store the set in your backpack, boardbag, wetsuit, jacket pocket or attached to your board or leash till needed.

Attaching the Ocean & Earth Legrope String Comb & Key Combo to your board means you’ll never forget it and it’ll always be at hand. The legrope string can be used on your board directly or attached to your existing string as a backup.

When needed the fin key or wax comb can be detached from the string, used, and replaced. This is super handy and convenient, especially when compared to the alternative of not having them. The set comes in bright colours so you can easily find them when needed.

There’s also a Plug Buddy to make getting your string on super easy. The Plug Buddy is a thin piece of plastic. It threads into your leash plug first allowing you to then pull through the string. The Ocean & Earth Combo is a great must-have surf accessory. Ocean Earth has the best reputation for proven surf accessories. Check our full range of Surf Gear at Manly Surfboards>Surf Gear

  • Super handy items all in one place
  • Easy to pack or attach to your board
  • Impossible to lose once attached


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