Ocean & Earth 3 Fold Surf Locker


The Ocean & Earth 3 Fold Locker is a super tough handy way to manage all your surf accessories. From your fins to leashes, wax and sunscreen, it can all be stashed in a super tough EVA bag, sealed with super tough nylon zips.

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Ocean & Earth 3 Fold Surf Locker

The Ocean & Earth 3 Fold Surf Locker is a great surf accessory bag. It gives you an edge in that all your gear, your fins, leashes, fin keys, wax and accessories are able to kept in one place so they’re easily and quickly displayed. The 3 Fold means that there’s three separate sections in which to store you gear. So for example to select the right fins just open the pouch and the different sections are all immediately visible along with your fins. They’re not stuck at the bottom of your Ocean & Earth backpack, loose in your board bag or floating around in your car. So you can quickly get your hands on them.

Small things like your fin key are right there immediately at hand. Same goes for your leash, sun cream and wax. It’s all able to be stashed in the Surf Locker so is easy to see and accessible to give you the best surfing.


The Ocean & Earth 3 Fold Locker is like a bag except that it can be unzipped completely open. So it folds flat tripling its size. This makes it easy not only to get your gear out of but also to put it in there and manage it in the first place. Construction of the outer is of high density EVA so it’s super tough. Internally the fin pouch is neoprene-padded preventing scratching. Fin sizes S, M to L can all be accommodated. The see through nature of the sections makes it easy to see what you’ve got. Heavy duty nylon zips and pullers keep the Locker sealed. An elastic strap gives an extra secure closure.

Ocean & Earth has a reputation for proven hard core surf gear and this surf accessory bag is another great example. It’s like an Ocean & Earth Backpack, yet smaller and more specific in its purpose. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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