Nalu N1 EPS Bodyboard


Nalu N1 EPS Body Board. Great entry level board. Waterproof EPS core gives you heaps of float for easy wave catching. Channels give you speed and control. The LDPE slick adds to your wave speed.

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Nalu N1 EPS Bodyboard

If you’re after a first bodyboard the Nalu N1 EPS Bodyboard is the one. This is a great board packed with features. The crescent tail is just like the Pro boards and provides turning points on the rail edge along with quick release. You can pivot easily into turns or get total release to go for big moves like airs. To maximise your overall fun the Nalu N1 has 50/50 rails. These balanced rails will give you performance and forgiveness so you glide on the wave without catching. On the bottom there’s graduated channels. These give you good water entry and flow while getting bite in the lower half of the board on steep sections.

In terms of construction, the EPS core is strong and reliable so you can have plenty of fun without any worries. The core is waterproof so the Nalu has durability and won’t become water logged over time. The IXLPE deck is soft and comfortable. The LDPE slick gives you high speed on the bottom. There’s nose and tail bumpers so you get protection on the high wear areas. The Nalu N1 EPS Bodyboard is the perfect starter board and comes complete with a plug and leash included so you’re ready to go!


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