Manta Viper Bodyboard


Manta Viper Bodyboard. Super value with great features. Stringer, EPS core, channels, double swivel leash. The EPS core gives great float for easy wave catching and durability is enhanced with the stringer.

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Manta Viper Bodyboard

The Manta Viper Bodyboard gives you super value and advanced features. Its shape is like an advanced Pro board. So in addition to a good look you get a template that surfs great. A slightly wider nose helps you get waves, great if you’re starting or progressing your surfing. The tail comes in to normal width so you can still carve and do big moves on the wave. The core is EPS, this is a buoyant foam so floats you easily also helping you get waves. You get even more great paddling and wave catching. The core is 100% waterproof so if you get a ding you won’t get water logged. The EPS core is also stiff so it won’t over flex. By staying flatter it gives you more speed on the wave. A fiber stringer further enhances performance. So when you go into a turn it loads of flex then releases giving you a boost into your next move. This gives your board liveliness, giving you heaps of speed and fun.

The deck has a full moulded contour like the Pro boards. So your body gets grip and engagement helping you stick the biggest moves. There’s nose bulbs on the underside so you can get a good grip. Graduated channels on the bottom give you speed and bite on sucky waves. The slick is HDPE, so is fast, giving you liveliness on the wave. The Viper comes with a premium double swivel coil leash so is ready to go. Manta is a leading bodyboard brand known for the performance and quality of its products. They have a comprehensive range for all Bodyboarders and budgets from Beginners to Elite. So you’re sure to find what you want in their range. To find out more on Manta check here: Manta Bodyboards

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 10 cm


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