Nalu N4 EPS Bodyboard


Nalu N4 EPS Bodyboard. Packed with performance features, dual stringers, slick, deck contours. Check our Bodyboards and Accessories Online NOW!

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Nalu N4 EPS Bodyboard

The Nalu N4 EPS Bodyboard is a great value performance board. The board incorporates 2 S5 stringers. These prevent the board from over flexing so it retains a flatter rocker even through turns. This keeps the board going fast, and fast means performance. The stringers give resilience so the board springs back to a high speed curve squirting you in and out of sections. The EPS core is 100% waterproof. It floats well not getting bogged down. Graduated channels are incorporated in the LD bottom slick so you get added speed and durability.

There’s a thermal formed deck so you get extra grip for your hands and elbows. A crescent tail provides proven performance with twin points to turn off. The deck has Nalu’s own grip pattern that adds to the look of the board. 50/50 rails give a good balance between manoeuvrability and speed. Included are a leash and plug. Nose and tail bumpers add great durability.


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