Manta Drive PE Bodyboard


Manta Drive PE Bodyboard. Good value manoeuvrable board with PE core, XPS slick, fibreglass stringer. Get the flex for power turns and super recoil for performance moves.

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Manta Drive PE Bodyboard

The Manta Drive PE Bodyboard is a high performance manoeuvrable design coming in with great value. It incorporates many advanced features and is slightly smaller in size. This makes it great for smaller surfers and easier to put into radical places on the wave. The core is PE which has a good flexi feel on the wave and has good memory. This means it keeps its fast flat shape even after being bent and pushed hard into turns. To add strength and further retain shape the Manta Drive has an internal fibreglass stringer. This also helps your riding as when you carve into the wave then change direction the board flexes then recoils giving you a high energy boost.

The XPS slick on the bottom is fast and incorporates channels aiding in water release and bite when on steep faces. There’s nose bulbs so you get good grip and the board comes with the Manta Leash plug installed all ready to go. Manta is a leading bodyboard brand known for the performance and quality of its products. They have a comprehensive range for all Bodyboarder skill levels and budgets from Beginners to Elite. So you’re sure to find what you want in their range. To find out more on Manta check here: Manta Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 cm


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