Mirage Waterproof Phone Case


The Mirage Waterproof Phone Case is a great accessory with a certified IPX8 rating to 10meters. Check our Surf Accessories NOW!

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Mirage Waterproof Phone Case

The Mirage Waterproof Phone Case is a high specification, great way to keep your phone safe and dry. What really sets it apart is that it comes with a certified water proof rating of IPX8. This means it will retain its waterproof capability being submerged at up to 10 metres depth for 30 minutes. This is super handy so if you’re on the water and there’s a mishap your phone will survive. The case comes with a sealing system on the top. So you can safely keep your phone, electric car keys and other gear that will fit safe and dry. The case has a clear front so you can still see your phone, watch or device. The back is sturdy black plastic.

The size will take a large smart phone and a few other items. It’s 180mmx 105mm.  If the tide comes up or if it rains you’ve also got complete water protection. Not just for surfing. You get similar benefits if SUPing, boating or kayaking. Construction is of a tough PVC with welded seams. So the case is durable. When not in use it’s almost flat so doesn’t take up space. This is a great accessory. Check our range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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