Micro 80mm Rear Wheel ( incl Bearing )


The Micro 80mm Rear Wheel Including Bearing gives you a new wheel and bearing to keep you Scootering. Micro recommend regular checking to keep your scooter running

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Micro 80mm Rear Wheel ( incl Bearing )

The Micro 80mm Rear Wheel ( incl Bearing ) gives you a great way to keep scootering. You get all the performance of a new wheel and a new bearing. The wheel and the bearing come as one complete unit. So if your current wheel has failed, or worn down, it’s a straightforward swap and replacement.

Micro recommend checking your scooter to see if just one or several wheels will need attention. For example some models come with two rear wheels and if one fails then the other often needs a thorough inspection. So if there’s any sign of a problem it’s best to replace them together.

For replacement, use an Allen key to loosen and remove the bolt holding the wheel in place. So at this point it’s important to check if there’s washers or spacers in place. These should be noted, removed, and kept handy. Remove the old wheel. The old bearing should come free with it. So now, simply place your new wheel, insert the bolt, and tighten.

Micro advise the secret to great scootering is regular maintenance. So checking bolts are secure. That bearings are not wobbly. This kit is super handy to have on hand so when you need that wheel repair and replacement it’s there. Check our full range of Scooter and Skate Gear at Manly Surfboards>Skate

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