Micro Adult Classic Scooter


The Micro Adult Classic Scooter gives adults and big kids a great way to scoot and commute or have fun park time. Adjustable bars and big 200mm wheels suit the bigger rider

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Micro Adult Classic Scooter

The Micro Adult Classic Scooter gives you a great way to get around, to ‘scoot and commute’. It’s full of features great for adults as well as kids from 12 years so it’s versatile. It’s great for the ramp and park, or to get to school or work.

It’s the fastest scooter in the Micro range with quality components, low profile, and large fast-turning 200mm wheels. These give you a great smooth ride, with added safety for passing over cracks and bumps. Size is adjustable. So you get handlebar height from 72 to 103mm. Along with the low deck this reduces leaning over to kick.

There’s a great kick switch so it folds in a second for a super quick jump onto transport. A similar fast flick and it’s back ready to ride. The self-standing feature is great too. So you can ride up to your stop, leave your scooter, and it will remain upright.

There’s no other transport option that’s as fun or commute-friendly. Deck length 420mm so it’s longer than most scooters. The 120mm width is narrow so making it easy to store. Check our full range of Scooters at Manly Surfboards>Scooters

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 80 × 30 × 30 cm


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