Fasen Hand Grips


The Fasen Hand Grips gives you soft-feel solid traction with amping colours and easy install. Graduated grip pattern is great for sweaty hands

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Fasen Hand Grips

The Fasen Hand Grips give you a great way to improve your ride. You get a range of high-performance features along with a range of colours to mix and match and personalise.

Constructed from TPR plastic, the compound is especially soft. So from the start the V2 grips fit your hand like a glove, feeling already worn-in enhancing your grip.

The pattern of the grip is graduated so creating additional texture and traction. This also helps if your hands get sweaty as your stays solid.

The soft TPR assists getting the grips on your bars with a push-and-peel method. Once on there’s no flange, bar-ends keeping your hands sliding off. 160mm in length and 0.10grams these grips will fit standard steel and chrome bars. Check our full range of Scooter Gear at Manly Surfboards>Scooters


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