Sacrifice V3 Flyte115 Scooter


The Sacrifice V3 Flyte115 Scooter gives you a high performance ride, a little extra weight & length giving great stability. All components are performance class

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Sacrifice V3 Flyte115 Scooter

The Sacrifice V3 Flyte115 Scooter gives you super high performance in a stable form factor. 115 refers to the deck width making it wider than its little brother the 100. So you get a 1kg more weight with great stable performance.

Extra weight, and length enable a more cruising ride, drawing longer arc turns and holding direction through tricks and jumps. While the weight is featured in the larger size the rest of the components are super lightweight. For example the premium aluminium box construction features the triple concave frame.

With V3 there’s a refinement of just about all aspects. So there’s oversize wide handlebars with new extra wide Spy soft grips. This gives you a great setup for control. The Cyborg IHC forks are super light of strong aircraft aluminium so giving great compression.

Steel used for the other components, like the Spy 2 bolt collar clamp with 6ml high tensile bolts, means no failures, giving longevity. The 110ml wheels use the high-speed Sacrifice Roller Coaster bearings and feature the Spy Peephole spoke design so the look is distinctive.

A leading performance scooter, there’s no compromise on features. Deck length is 515mm x width 115mm. Handlebars are length 600mm x 550mm width. Check our full range of Scooters at Manly Surfboards>Scooters



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