Micro Axle 42mm


The Micro Axle 42mm gives you a quick easy way to repair and maintain your scooter performance. Simply unscrew the old axle, remove and replace with the new, and screw in place

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Micro Axle 42mm

The Micro Axle 42mm gives you an easy-to-install, inexpensive replacement part. So in the event of a problem, instead of having to trash your scooter you can easily, quickly make a repair. You may not have realised at time of purchase, Micro Scooters use screws rather than cheaper fusing. Once a fuse wears, or more commonly breaks, that’s it. Micro though gives you a lifetime of product use & enjoyment.

The axle is an area that can wear, especially if you are a very avid scooter rider. It’s an area that’s under a lot of pressure. So as the wheel hits the road, bounces on gutters, and does slides and grinds, the axle takes all the pressure. Even if not broken completely, this inexpensive part allows you to maintain your scooter, keeping it working to maximum performance.

The axle features Allen key ends which you simply unscrew. Sliding the axle out from between the bearing, wheel core and fixtures, you slide the new axle in. Tighten in place and you’re ready to go.

Micro recommend checking all your fittings regularly, advising that a little maintenance goes a long way to keeping your scooter working and giving you maximum scooter performance. Check our full range of Scooters and Skate Gear at Manly Surfboards>Skate

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