Mega Johnson Wax


Mega Johnson Wax super performance formula gives maximum traction, in Soft & Semi-soft for different water temps. Check our Surf Accessories Online NOW!

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Mega Johnson Wax

Mega Johnson Wax is is Sticky Johnson’s high performance surf wax. It’s an extra sticky formula that Johnson advises locks you into position on your board. Your feet get a super strong positive foundation with no slippage. So you can put all your power into big moves with utmost confidence. The Mega Johnson comes in two formula versions. One for cool cold water that is soft.

So in cold water it will still remain pliable  and your toes can grip into it and your feet get traction. The other formula is for warm tropical water that is semi soft. This has just the right consistency to stick on your board and retain it’s traction still giving grip when other waxes would melt. In the heat it won’t float off or become slippery.

Natural Ingredients

The Johnson Wax is a non-toxic wax that uses natural ingredients for superior traction. Scientifically engineered it addresses aspects critical in a wax to give you the best surf experience. It’s easy to apply which is important for that first wax up on your new board. With other brands it can be hard to get that initial first base, so this is an important feature.

Once that base is applied your subsequent wax-ups will be easy too. Check your wax between surfs for those areas where the wax thins, for example under your chest. Give these a generous rub with Mega Johnson to maintain the wax coat. However you don’t want to be going through too much wax. So a good way to continue to get great grip is to use a wax comb.

A comb comes in the Sticky Johnson Wax Pack. With a few wipes across your deck this gives you great traction between surfs. Sticky Johnson Surf Wax, New Zealand made, is a great accessory for your surfing. Check our full range of  Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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