Cream Surfboard Wax


Cream Surfboard Wax is Australian made & in one application gives you top level stickiness & base level traction. It’s the wax you need for great surfing

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Cream Surfboard Wax

Cream Surfboard Wax is the creation of Robbie Page an Australian surf icon. The wax is entirely Australian made and poured into its cosmic circle shape on the Australian East Coast. Robbie is an accomplished and experienced surfer so his wax comes with credibility. His awards include being a Pipemaster Champion, ISA World Title holder and Australia’s Indigenous Masters Champion. He’s created a wax that gives you what you normally need several different type of waxes to achieve. Its special formula gives you stickiness on the surface while giving strong firmer traction as your feet grip down into it. It’s one of the surf supplies you need to have on hand so you always ready to surf your best.

Surfers on the competitive tour have often describe how they need multiple wax coats to achieve their high performance surfing. They use a warmer water harder wax as their first base wax coat. Then on top of this use a cooler softer stickier wax coat. In this way their feet get immediate grip and as they power into turns they get stronger traction from the firmer wax beneath.

One Application

Cream surf wax gives you this high performance in just one application. So you don’t need multiple different wax coats and all the hassle that goes with it, or to purchase different types of wax. In one application you get the top coat stickiness and firmer base traction. So Cream Surfboard Wax does come in different water temperatures so you can pick the temperature right for you. The wax is long lasting. So it doesn’t tend to melt off in the heat and it’s easily freshened up with a quick wax rub over or with a wax comb. It promises the traction you need for great surfing. It’s one of those essential surf supplies so always have some on hand. Check our full range of Surf Wax and Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Wax

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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