Sex Wax Surf Wax


Sex Wax Surf Wax. Super sticky, long lasting. Ideal for multi coats where you use a firmer base with sticky top coat. For all water temps where you surf

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Sex Wax Surf Wax

Zog’s Sex Wax Surf Wax is a fantastic product giving unmatched traction for your surfing. Sex Wax has a scientific formula with eco-friendly production. So it gives you a uniquely better feel under your feet while helping the environment. It’s a wax that your toes sink down into so giving you great grip. Even after many surfs it still retains a presence on your board.

So you can easily revitalise it with a light top up or comb. The Sex Wax Australia range suits all surfable water temperatures. So you’ll find the perfect match for your world of waves. The Sex Wax base coat is renowned and it’s great for multi-coats.

Sex Wax actively promote the concept of multi-coats. What this means is you can use one or two types of Sex Wax on your board. As recommended by many Pros you can use a firmer Sex Wax base coat and put a stickier softer Sex Wax on as the Topcoat. So providing the ultimate connection between your board and your feet.

Once you’ve tried the Sex Wax multi-coat you won’t settle for anything less. Sex Wax Australia ticks all the eco boxes. Its bio-degrable, comes in a bio cardboard pack so is eco, is hand wrapped, and made by surfers for surfers.

Pick your favourite or Basecoat Topcoat combination based on your water temperature: – Blue soft for Cool water 14-17 degrees – Orange for Mid Cool water 18 – 26 degrees – Red for Warm water 21 – 28 degrees – Green for Tropic water 26 degrees. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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