Land & Sea Black Tuna Frameless Mask Snorkel Set


The Land & Sea Black Tuna Mask Snorkel Set gives you ultra wide view with super comfy silicone. The black silicone reduces light entry enhancing your vision of the underwater world. The snorkel features new splash guard preventing water entry along with dual purge valves to remove any water that does enter

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Land & Sea Black Tuna Frameless Mask Snorkel Set

The Land & Sea Black Tuna Frameless Mask Snorkel Set gives you a range of advanced tech for great snorkeling. The lens has no frame and it curves. So there’s no large obstruction to your vision from the top, bottom or sides. The lens is also one piece so there’s no nose bridge obstruction either. So you get great maximum vision.

The mask silicone is purposefully black so as to prevent the entry of any light from the sides. This is said to allow your pupils to open more and gain the maximum effect from the ocean scene before you. The black silicone is also non-allergenic surgical grade, so it is super comfy on your face.

The mask design is low volume. This means it sits closer to your face giving better vision and also holds less air. So it’s much easier to get your head underwater and dive down to explore. The snorkel is also non-allergenic super soft silicon. It’s easy to hold in your mouth and the flex section means it’s not tugging at you all the time.

The snorkel also features a newly designed splash guard that greatly reduces water entry. Any water that does enter is easily handled with dual purge valves. This is a great way to get the best from your underwater experience. Check our full range of Snorkeling Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkeling Gear

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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