Mirage Fiji Mask Snorkel Set


Mirage Fiji Mask Snorkelling Set. High quality silicon comfort & fit. Crystal clear vision. Snorkel splash guard. This set has all the features you need to have a great time enjoying snorkelling. Check our range of Beach Accessories NOW!

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Mirage Fiji Mask Snorkel Set

The Mirage Fiji Mask Snorkel Set is a great way to experience and explore the ocean. This set is constructed of premium medical grade non-allergenic silicon so you get super quality and comfort. One of the benefits is that the silicon is soft and so moulds to your face giving you a great fit. The mask has a dual lens of super clear tempered glass. A nose piece separates the lenses making it easy to equalise if you’re wanting to dive that little bit deeper. The mask skirt is soft and thin. This gives you a low volume mask. What this means is that the mask doesn’t hold much air so it’s not so buoyant. So sticking your head underwater and diving down is much easier than a high volume mask.

The Mirage Fiji Mask Snorkel Set snorkel mouthpiece is soft. This is an important feature as once you’ve been in the water for a little time it can start to bite into your lip and cheek inner. The snorkel also includes a dry tip that limits water entry. If water does enter, a purge chamber at the bottom of the snorkel stem allows you to blow to easily expel it. The overall streamlined design means minimum bulk and maximum performance in the water. The design features ocean themed colours so you’ll blend in perfectly with the beach. The Mirage Fiji Set is a great way to enjoy everything the ocean has to offer in a high quality snorkelling set. Check our full range of Snorkelling Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkelling Gear

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