Cressi F1 + Dry MS Mask Snorkel Set


The Cressi F1 Mask Supernova Snorkel Set gives you a frameless mask & dry snorkel for an exceptional experience. You get streamlined easy snorkelling with great visibility and almost no purge needed to clear your snorkel

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Cressi F1 + Dry MS Mask Snorkel Set

The Cressi F1 + Supernova Dry Snorkel Set gives you a great way to enjoy your diving and snorkeling at great value. The set brings together two feature packed products so you get an exceptional experience. The Cressi F1 face mask and the Supernova Dry snorket set. MS standing for Mask and Snorkel.

The F1 is a next level mask. It has frameless construction. This means super soft highest quality silicone is bonded directly to the glass. The removal of the frame takes away the hard edge pushing into your face. It also removes extra bulk. Your mask is low volume so you can dive under much more easily.

In terms of underwater visibility you get so much more without any obstruction of the frame. Quick-adjust buckles are also part of the mask skirt streamlining your movement.  The buckles being still easily accesible for a perfect adjustment and comfy fit.

The snorkel features a unique splash guard at the top. This prevents water splashing in and when you submerge a special valve prevents water entry. So there’s no huge effort required to purge the snorkel. A flexible mouth piece ensures perfect positioning and maximum comfort. Check our full range of Snorkelling Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkelling Gear

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm


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