Cressi Gara Pro Freediving Fins


The Cressi Gara Pro Free Diving Fins give you high level performance with bootie or bare foot comfort. Pro blade design means you’ll go farther faster using less energy

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Cressi Gara Pro Freediving Fins

The Cressi Gara Pro Freediving Fins give you professional performance and fast easy getting around in the water. The fins feature a multi compound construction. This means you get a super comfortable foot sock so your focus is on your fun and kicking as long as you want. The high performance blade material bonded to this has a stiffer flex ideal for propulsion. The blade also has a special Pro design. It enables you to go farther, faster using less energy. It works exceptionally well for snorkeling and diving and also works great for free swimming. This makes the fins very versatile. The foot sock is super soft and flexible and has also been designed to work effectively with booties or with your bare feet. In this way you can easily use the fins for a swim if snorkeling conditions are not suitable.

The Cressi Gara Pro Free Diving Fins are also designed for easy use. The fin flex and energy loading gives you maximum performance with minimum effort. So if you’re new to snorkeling you’ll have a heap of fun without feeling strain on your legs. If you’re a snorkeling Pro you’ll find you’ll get extra performance. You’ll go deeper faster, while still keeping energy and breath. These are a great versatile professional-style set of fins that will give you fun in general swimming through to high level snorkeling performance. Check our full range of Snorkeling Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkeling Gear

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm


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