Cressi Pluma Bag Mask Snorkel Flipper Set


The Cressi Pluma Bag Mask Snorkelling Flipper Set is constructed of super soft silicon that moulds to your face. Twin lenses in the mask give great viewing. The snorkel curves to your face, the fins feature a super comfy foot sock

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Cressi Pluma Bag Mask Snorkel Flipper Set

The Cressi Pluma Bag Mask Snorkel Flipper Set is the perfect set for great value snorkeling fun. You get it all, your mask, snorkel, flippers and carry bag. So it’s easy to keep together and go. The mask is constructed of highest quality 100% soft silicon. This moulds to your face so gives you a great fit and at the same time is super comfortable.

Unlike cheaper masks you can barely feel the silicon on your skin. Two high quality glass lens provide extra wide crystal clear viewing. Cressi are known for the highest quality of the optical components of their products.

The mask strap is also silicon. It features fast and easy fit as well as micro-adjustment and articulation. This means the buckles swivel to match the position of the strap on your head. So you can get the fit absolutely perfect and super comfortable.

The snorkel has a number of it’s own great features. The mouthpiece is soft silicon so it’s super comfy in your mouth. The base of the snorkel features a purge valve so it’s easy to flush out any water that enters. The snorkel guard prevents water splash entering too.

Great Value

You get great value with the Cressi Pluma Bag Mask Snorkel Flipper Set. Additional features include the snorkel has a corrugated flexi section. So this curves to your face enhancing comfort. The fins are the Pluma model with a soft silicon sock. So they give you the option of being worn with booties or with bare feet.

This makes them versatile. So you can use them for hard core snorkeling or for free swimming. The Cressi Pluma Bag Mask Snorkelling Flipper Set provides a high quality snorkeling experience. You get comfort and crystal clear viewing along with the flippers to get you around in the water. Check our full range of Snorkeling gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkeling Gear

  • Constructed of highest quality 100% soft silicon
  • Extra wide view area
  • Special high comfort snorkel mouth piece
  • Enclosed heel comfort and safety

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm


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