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Hueys Surf Wax is great 100% Australian surf wax with everything made, packaged and promoted locally. Check our range of Surf Accessories Online NOW!

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Hueys Surf Wax

Hueys Surf Wax is great wax. If you’ve ever wanted to support Aussie surfing then support Hueys. All the ingredients are sourced locally in Australia, along with all the packaging, marketing and promotional material. It’s all 100% Australian. Hueys Wax comes in 4 formulas that give you ideal traction. There’s 4 consistencies to match the water temperature of the waves you surf. Magenta Cold is for cold water in the 4 – 15 degree range. So this wax is the softest in the Hueys range. It’ll go on super easy and stay sticky giving you grip. Blue Cool is for water in the 14-19 degree range. It’s soft and sticky. Orange Warm 19 – 26 degrees covers most of the temperate water surfing in Australia. Red Tropical 26 – 34 degrees. This is ideal for the warm tropical waters you find on your northern surf expeditions.

A good way to use Hueys Surf Wax is with  the concept of multi-coats. What this means is you can use multiple Hueys Wax formulas on your board. You can use a firmer Basecoat and put a stickier fomula on as the Topcoat. For example use the Red Tropical first then put the Softer Warm or Cool on top. This provides the ultimate connection between your board and your feet. Your toes really respond to the ability to grip down into multi layer wax. Once you’ve tried multi-coat you won’t settle for anything less. They Hueys packaging is cardboard, not plastic. Give yourself the best wax traction and support Australia and the environment. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm


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