Far King Wax


FK Surf Wax. Easy to apply, easy to bead and hump. There’s a formula’s for every water temp you surf, soft for cold water to firmer wax for warm water. Aussie made

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Far King Wax

Far King Wax gives you great value traction. It’s fast and easy to apply so you can rapidly get your board ready to surf. It goes on easy so you get good beading and humping. This is important as the ridges and lumps of wax provide an uneven soft surface so your toes and foot grip into.

The FK Surf Wax caters for the full range of water temperature so there’s a block for wherever and whenever you’re surfing. Going from hardest, meaning for warmest water, each 80g block box is colour coded so you can easily choose the block for the right water temperature.

The Far King Wax Orange/Xtra Hard is hard so best used in warm water temp 25C / 75F and below. The Red/Warm is firm so best used in water temp 20 – 25C / 66 – 75F and below. The Green/Xtra Soft is soft so best used in water temp 14C / 58F and below.

The Blue/Soft Cool is softest so best used Best used in water temp 15 – 19C / 59 – 67F and below. Australian, FK Surf Wax is a great accessory so you should get some for your surfing. So to find out more on how FK Far King can power your surfing check here: FK Surf Essentials

  • Great value
  • Colour coded for water temperature
  • Quickly forms humps and ridges for traction

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm


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