Froth All Water Extra Sticky Surf Wax


Froth All Water Extra Sticky Wax. Special formula builds coat after coat giving advanced traction. Aussie made. Check our Surf Accessories NOW!

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Froth All Water Extra Sticky Surf Wax

Froth All Water Extra Sticky Surf Wax delivers great performance. Developed and tested at iconic North Narrabeen Froth packs advanced features. It’s extra sticky so under your feet you can feel the tackiness, grip and traction, surf after surf.  Froth overcomes the problem with many waxes that get slippery. This is due to their chemicals leaching from the saltwater and sun. Froth is specially formulated so it does not have this performance problem and chemical eco problem. Froth is durable so each application lasts. Bare patches don’t quickly appear. Your wax re-coats are infrequent, only needed for a fluff up. So you get good consistent coverage.

While coming in a range of water temperatures, the All Water formula is truly versatile so you get a great surf experience across your range of water conditions.  Froth is not a repetition of existing formulas. The use by Manly Surf Hire attests to its stickiness and durability. With a constant flow of Beginner surfers Froth gives extra stickiness without any trace of being slippery. Australian made Froth delivers longer rides, great grip and traction. Check our full Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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