Softlite Softboard Wax


The Softlite Softboard Wax gives you a super soft super sticky formula that builds bumps in cool to warm water. Builds bumps giving great traction

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Softlite Softboard Wax

The Softlite Softboard Wax gives you the perfect way to enhance the grip on your Softboard. This wax uses a special formula to make it ideal for Softboards. It’s super soft so will not damage your Softboard’s soft deck. It’s also super sticky so will enhance your surfing.

Softboard’s are hard to wax. if you push too hard or your wax is too hard you can damage your deck and the wax won’t adhere. If your wax is too soft it will smear and flake off. So this wax has a special formula that creates bumps and builds up while not harming your board.

It also overcomes another problem in that its sticky nature is maintained between surfs. So you don’t have to keep using too much to retain good grip or risk the damage of a wax comb. Having wax on your Softboard will help with all your surfing moves. On takeoff you’ll be more sure-footed, able to plant your feet where they need to be.

The wax formula is versatile, working in a range of water temperatures from cool to warm. This is the perfect way to have great surfing while not risking damage to your Softboard. Check our full range of Surf Gear at Manly Surfboards>Surf Gear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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