FK Mens Raglan Surf Shirt Long Sleeve


The FK Mens Raglan Surf Shirt gives you UPF 50+ sun, stinger and sea breeze protection. Loose body fit gives maximum freedom

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FK Mens Raglan Surf Shirt Long Sleeve

The FK Mens Raglan Surf Shirt Long Sleeve gives you UPF 50+ protection from the sun and maximum surfing freedom. You get a loose fit through the body, more like a t-shirt, with a high neck. The long sleeves are more fitted, so they’re not sloshing around, and the look is like a stylish t-shirt.

The loose fit in the body gives you advantages in the surf. You get maximum freedom of movement. So the shirt is not sticking to your body constraining you. The raglan cut of the shoulders also gives freedom with the whole shoulder panel moving with each of your paddle strokes. Your arms and shoulders being able to stroke faster, farther.

Once on the wave you’ve got freedom through your body. So you can load up for big moves without feeling your top tugging at you. The longer length means that when you’re sitting on your board you’ve got your lower back and tummy covered.

The long sleeves give you maximum protection from the sun, blustery sea breeze and stingers. Construction is of Lycra which is smooth, stretch, comfy and fast drying. Check our full range of Mens Rash Vests at Manly Surfboards>Mens Rash Vests


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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm


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