FK Mens Short John 1.5mm


The FK Mens Short John 1.5mm gives you freedom for maximum paddle power with core warmth and support. Soft supple neoprene gives great fit

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FK Mens Short John 1.5mm

The FK Mens Short John 1.5mm gives you a great minimalist way to surf. If you find boardshorts don’t give enough protection and support, and that a full wetsuit is too constrictive and bulky, then this is the solution.

The short john wetsuit gives you unrestricted freedom around your arms and shoulders. So your paddling is free and unimpeded. At the same time there’s coverage over your shoulders so keeping them warm and protected. So you can produce your optimum paddling performance.

Through the torso and lower body, which is in the water when sitting on your board, you get support and that extra warmth. With your core warm you’ll get great flex and muscle performance being able to unleash full power. The leg length finishes above your knee so you’re not carrying any extra weight where not needed.

This is a great surfing suit. With 1.5mm neoprene and low profile velcro seal, in winter it can also be used under your steamer for extra warmth. Check our full range of Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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