FK Atomic Tail Pad


The FK Atomic Grip has a substantial 10mm high arch that’s wide, has holes, & is covered in squares. Holes & slots reduce weight while giving extra grip.

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FK Atomic Tail Pad

The FK Atomic Tail Pad is a full function pad to give performance to your surfing. The center of the pad is the most substantive feature. It’s got a 10mm raised arch running almost the full length. The arch is shaped like a round cylinder taking up most of the piece. It’s perforated with holes to reduce weight. Square traction with mini squares cover the top. Squares offer good traction as whatever way your foot lands it gets an angular point of leverage. The mini squares on top give an extra positive feel, a type of squishy grip.  It’s a 3 piece design so the two side pieces can expand closer to your board’s rails. So your narrow and wide tail boards get optimal coverage. The side pieces have cut out slots. These are good for your toes to grip into.

Drive & Flow

The tail has a 30mm high kick that is high. It rises at 45 degrees so is steep. You can easily place the edge of your foot up against it and jam and carve. The kick has a flat top that you could land on if you’re doing airs. There’s an semi-circle incut at the tail so you can place this grip close to the end of your board so your back foot can drive over your back fin. The edges of the grip are rolled. So you get better water flow and release. High quality adhesive means the pad will stay put once applied. The pad has EVA construction so while providing great traction you get minimal irritation on your knee and thigh. To find out more on how FK Far King can power your surfing check here FK Surf Essentials

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm


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