Exile Traction Tail Pad


The Exile Traction TailPad is specifically designed for skimboards giving you a flatter arch bar for greater sensitivity. A leash slot gives great flexibility in positioning

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Exile Traction Tail Pad

The Exile Traction Tail Pad gives you great Skimboard grip. It has a distinctive arch bar that instead of being rounded is flat. So this helps you keep your Skimboard stable. The flat bar gives you support as your foot doesn’t pivot on it too much. It’s not like a surfboard where you’re doing big heel and toe movement. Instead you only need subtle control given your Skimboard’s thinness. So Skimboard traction pads have raised arch bars to help you with this. The pad is 3 pieces. So you get versatility in the skimboard traction pad placement. You can place the Exile Traction pads side pieces out towards the rails. In this way a total larger area can be covered. This is a great skimboard-specific pad from Exile Skimboards Australia.

The Exile Traction Tail Pad has a specific slot for your deck plug. So instead of only a shallow incut like on a surfboard grip, the plug slot is definite and extends into the back of the tail pad. In this way the slot will fit over a raised fibreglass plug. Or you can put the skimboard traction pad placement right back to the tail of your Skimboard or move it forward, depending if you’ll be doing more tail or mid range boarding. Your skimboard traction pads leash string will still poke free through the slot. Construction of the Exile Traction Pads is of quality EVA with strong adhesive. So once applied the tail pad won’t come off. The pad is finished with the Exile logo on the center position. Check our full range of Exile Skimboards Australia Gear at Manly Surfboards>Skimboards

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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