Exile Traction Front Pad


The Exile Front Traction gives you 4 pieces for versatile placement so you can get great coverage wherever you want. A great low profile texture provides substantial grip

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Exile Traction Front Pad

The Exile Traction Front Pad is fully functional front grip that will work great on both skimboards and surfboards. Exile is a skimboard brand and their traction gives you super grip needed for high speed skimboarding. These skimboard traction pads comes in 4 pieces that can placed close together or farther apart. So you can keep the pad narrow for a normal width board giving you a substantial area of front grip. Or you can expand it closer to the rails for wider Skimboard, Fish even Mini-Mals, Longboards and SUPs. This makes the Exile Traction pads versatile across a range of your surfing needs. The Exile Skimboards Australia products will give you great grip.

The Exile Traction Front Pad has a surface texture that gives natural grip for your foot while not causing rash. It’s not too raised and doesn’t have raw edges as with cheaper etched pads. It’s not too harsh on your chest so you could paddle on it for short periods without any protection or light rash vest. It’s soft low profile texture allows your toes to really grip. Construction is of these skimboard traction pads is lightweight EVA. So for such a substantial piece of grip the Exile traction pads won’t add weight to your board. Check our full range of The Exile Skimboards Australia boards and accessories at Manly Surfboards>Skimboards

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm


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