Redback Radioactive Fibreglass Skimboard


The Redback Radioactive Fibreglass Skimboard gives you elite level performance with light weight & super flex. The foam core makes for super glide, high speed and hard core carving

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Redback Radioactive Fibreglass Skimboard

The Redback Redback Radioactive Fibreglass Skimboard is an elite Pro level super fun board. Unlike traditional Skimboards made of ply, the Biohazard is make of fibreglass with a foam core. This construction gives you features that take you to the next level. First the board is lightweight. Unlike heavy ply, this board almost floats on air. When you throw it down it hovers on the water waiting for you to jump on and charge. There’s a foam core so instead of getting a dead over-stiff feel the board flexes while still retaining form. You can use your weight and pressure to get greater control than on any other type of skimboard. Leaning forward you can drive for speed and hold a line. Leaning back will allow your nose to keep from catching and you can carve off the back rails.  This is ideal for doing 360s and going completely rad. There’s a slight rocker that optimises the board’s flow so as not to catch. The Redback Skimboards Australia fibreglass construction uses epoxy resin so you get the toughest construction available.

How It Works

If you’re not sure what it’s all about here’s a quick overview of how skimboards work. Skimboards are normally used to catch waves right on the shore. Although they have been used on monster outside waves. They’re not designed to paddle on and so are tiny compared to a normal surfboard. The way they work is that you run on the sand then throw the board down when there’s a thin layer of water washed up over the sand. As the board is in motion you then run and jump on it. The board’s surface area and your speed keep you from sinking. The board glides at high speed almost on the sand where there’s barely any water, where you’d think it impossible to surf. As you become proficient you can skim from the shore out to the shore break and do big surfing turns on the waves using your skim speed. Check our range of Skimboards from Redback Skimboards Australia and Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Skimboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 170 × 50 × 20 cm


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