Creatures Reliance Surf Cap


The Creatures Reliance Surf Cap gives you lightweight quick-dry protection from sun & elements. The stiff visor and peak give you maximum shade and cool space. The streamlined strap secures under your chin and to your rashie or wetsuit


Creatures Reliance Surf Cap

The Creatures Reliance Surf Cap gives you great surfing. It allows you to stay out in the water as long as you like with great protection from the sun and elements. It’s also a styling Trucker cap with a 5 panel design giving super good fit. When the sun gets hot, or you’re surfing for extended periods, this hat is a must have.

This cap is a beauty. It’s super light. So you’re not carrying extra weight on your head giving you a sore neck. It’s quick dry, so will start drying out even between waves. Quick dry also means you won’t have a constant stream of drips getting in your eyes while trying to surf. As an extra bonus it floats, so greatly reducing the likelihood of loss.

Wide Coverage Visor

The Creatures Reliance Surf Cap visor sticks straight out. So you get a lot of shade and it doesn’t obscure your view, especially when paddling. The front peak of the cap is reinforced so will hold it’s shape during wipeouts and duck dives. Having a cap with a peak gives cooling space above your head, greatly reducing the impact of the sun beating down on you.

The open sides give your ears maximum hearing. There’s no material to get soggy and keep your ears blocked. The streamlined cord and bungie can be used under your chin to keep your cap in place and there’s also a clip to secure it to your wetsuit and rash top.

The Creatures logo is in silicon so will keep you looking sharp through many surf sessions. Check our full range of Wetsuit Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuit Accessories

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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