Balin Tie Down 4.0m Neoprene Protector


The Balin TieDown 4.0m Neoprene Protector gives you an extra strong and wide 40mm strap with 4m length. Extra wide metal buckles are covered with soft neoprene giving great protection to your boards and car

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Balin Tie Down 4.0m Neoprene Protector

The Balin Tie Down 4.0m Neoprene Protector Straps give you great transport for your boards. This model has extra long extra wide straps. They’re 40mm wide, whereas normal straps are only 25mm. They’re also 4m in length and made with quality materials and components. You can use them to tie down your surfboard, SUP, longboard, in fact almost anything, to the roof of your car. The thick webbing gives substantial hold that’s extra strong and secure. The metal buckles are also strong, smooth running and extra wide to accommodate the wide strap. Using these on your roof you can tie down a lot of shortboards, longboards and bigger boards like SUPs and paddleboards.

The Balin Tie Down 4.0m straps have a great feature. Soft neoprene protection covers the metal buckles. The neoprene is the same material used for your wetsuit construction. So you can get your buckles over to the other side of your car roof without worrying about scratching the paint or banging on the window glass. The buckles are metal so they’re long wearing and strong. They’re way more durable than plastic buckles, less likely to break or have slippage. All stitching is double layer so it won’t come undone or provide a weak point for wear or breakage. There’s also a toggle system so that extra strap length can be secured and not left flapping around. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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